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Ontobull is an ontology conversion web application. Ontobull supports automatica conversion of an ontology (e.g., Basic Formal Ontology or BFO) from an old version to a new version. The Ontobull web interface is intuitive and includes three steps: (i) upload the ontology OWL source file; (ii) define ontology term IRI mapping; and (iii) provide header cleanup setting (optional). With the required information provided, the backend Ontobull Java program automatically converts the uploaded OWL ontology file to an updated version. BFOconvert is an Ontobull subprogram supporting the conversion of an ontology that imports a previous version of the BFO.

Before Ontobull execuation, please provide three types of information as indicated below:

Step 1. Please upload an OWL or ZIP input file as your target OWL files (RDF/XML format) file:

Here are two example input files: IAO.zip, OPL.owl. You can download an example file and upload it here. Please see Tutorial for more detail.

Step 2. Provide IRI mapping information:

Please enter old IRI and new IRI for the update mapping.Example


Alternatively, please upload a custom IRI Mapping file:

Step 3 (Optional): Provide an ontology header and XML namespace updating setting:

The header cleanup is optional and used to remove/add xmins and/or OWL imports heads to the output OWL file. Example

Action Type IRI

Alternatively, please upload a custom Header Cleanup file:


Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. Thank you!