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He Group Members Photos (2014)



Note: If not else stated, the following pictures were taken outside the UM Medical School buildings at Ann Arbor on April 22, 2014.

Hegroup 2013 pic2

Front Row: Izabela Birsanescu, Omar Tibi
Middle Row: Asiyah Yu Lin, Rebecca (Becca) Racz, Nancy Hoai Tran, Rasika Vijay Patil, Mukti A Patel
Back Row: Elyse Morgan-Anne Fleck, George W. (Bill) Jourdian, Carly Martin, Kimberly Eden Berke, Daniel Amir Faghihnia, Oliver He.

Front Row: Izabela Birsanescu, Omar Tibi
Middle Row: Asiyah Yu Lin, Rebecca (Becca) Racz, Elyse Morgan-Anne Fleck, George W. (Bill) Jourdian, Carly Martin, Nancy Hoai Tran, Kimberly Eden Berke, Rasika Vijay Patil, Daniel Amir Faghihnia, Mukti A Patel



He lab members. See the names introduced above.



Omar Tibi and Oliver He. Omar has recently been accepted for admission in a PhD program in the Virginia Commonwealth University. He is for sure happy!


Hegroup volunteers

Cancer Vaccine Knowlege Base (CanVaxKB) research group. From left to right: Nancy Hoai Tran, Daniel Amir Faghihnia, Asiyah Yu Lin, Elyse Morgan-Anne Fleck. Asiyah is the mentor of the three UROP undergraduate students.


He Group OAE FDA work trio

He Group VIOLIN research and development group. The VIOLIN program is the largest web-based vaccine research database that has now been widely used internationally.



Happy four people. From left to right: Omar Tib, Bill Jourdian, Becca Racz, and Oliver He. Omar and Becca have stayed in He lab for three years.


lab meeting

He Lab meeting, taken in the Unit for Lab Animal Medicine (ULAM) library, UM Medical School, Ann Arbor, on April 22, 2014.



Pictures taken at the UROP 2014 symposium, Michigan League, Ann Arbor, MI, on April 23, 2014:

2014 UROP symposium

UROP 2014 symposium. From left to right: Rasika Patil, Izabela Birsanescu, Oliver He, Kimberly Berke, and Carly Martin.


Kimberly Berke

UROP 2014 symposium. Kimberly Berke, Oliver He


UROP 2014 symposium. Izabela Birsanescu, Oliver He


Carly Martin

UROP 2014 symposium. Carly Martin, Oliver He


Rasika Patil

UROP 2014 symposium. Rasika Patil, Oliver He


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