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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Ontobull?

Ontobull is a web program that supports automatical conversion and updating of an ontology that uses an old version of IRIs or imported ontology (e.g., BFO). Ontobull stands for ontology conversion web.

2. What is BFOConvert?

BFOConvert is an Ontobull subprogram that automatically updates the version of BFO and RO in a specific target ontology to their most updated version. The most updated BFO version is now version 2.0.

3. Who are primary users of BFOConvert?

Developers of formal ontologies using BFO as the top ontology.

4. Can we use BFOConvert for conversion of an ontology that does not have BFO terms?

Yes. You can do it after you provides your own customized mapping file.

5. What is ontology term IRI?

IRI represents "internationalized resource identifier", which was defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in 2005 as a new internet standard to extend upon the existing uniform resource identifier (URI) scheme. The new standard was published in RFC 3987.

See more information in Tutorial.